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The Five Pillars of Fuel Pricing

In 2021, fuel retailers are broken down into three categories: exiters, existers and excellers.

Through conversations with thousands of retailers across the UK, Ireland and the USA, we have learned that every single one is different in some way.

But there are two strong areas of consistency for excellers in particular.

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How Greenergy and EdgePetrol’s offer helped Uplyme Filling Station become a key community resource

Uplyme Filling Station

Uplyme Filling Station, 1 station The Challenge A leading supplier to independent dealers, Greenergy combines reliable fuel supply with the Esso brand.  To further enhance their supply offer to their dealer network, Greenergy was the first to offer EdgePetrol as standard to their dealers. The EdgePetrol software provides station owners […]

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Premium Fuel Grade Optimization

What is it? Premium Fuel Grade Optimisation is where clients use the real time capability of the Edge product to INCREMENTALLY INCREASE THE DOLLAR/CENT SPREAD between the grades of fuel, without unduly affecting the volume of those premium grades. What are we trying to achieve? This strategy is designed to […]

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The Intra-day Pricing Strategy

What is it? Intra day pricing is when retailers will change their pole sign price to take advantage of a specific period on time during the day. Traditionally this is a time period where they can drive an increase to VOLUME, PROFIT, MARGIN, or sometimes ALL THREE. What are we […]

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The Weekend Pricing Strategy

What is it? The Weekend Pricing Strategy is where retailers use special/reduced weekend pricing in order to attract customers to their site during times where volume would traditionally be low i.e. at the weekends. What are we trying to achieve? We will be looking for opportunities to entice customers onto […]

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