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How Sectorsure boosted profits by six figures using EdgePetrol: Insights from MD Lewis Trevellyan

Discover how Sectorsure No.10 Limited, an eight-site petrol retailer in the South East of England, leveraged EdgePetrol to enhance profitability, streamline operations, and stay competitive in a challenging market.

Sectorsure No.10 Limited, part of The Trevellyan Group, is an eight-site retailer based in the South East of England. We caught up with Managing Director Lewis Trevellyan on the story of the business and how they are using EdgePetrol to increase profit by six figures across his eight sites.

The business was started by Lance Trevellyan in 1990 and is based near Farnham in Surrey, and Lewis joined in 2013. As well as directly managing their eight bp Londis stations, the Trevellyan Group also owns two bp M&S stations that are leased to bp and has multiple other property and trading business interests in the UK and Channel Islands.

Our forecourt retail business is not without its challenges. Lewis tells us that he has seen “ever increasing competition in the market” and “margins being squeezed through increased operational costs.”

They’ve been fighting back against these challenges though, by investing in their sites, systems and people. “Almost every element of the business is constantly reviewed in fine detail to try and bring out efficiencies or improvements to make our sites not only better places to visit, but also to work.”

They’ve done this by keeping their eyes and ears on the activities of fellow petrol retailers and entrepreneurs in the market. “They do such great work in improving the forecourt industry and are always pushing the boundaries of the customer experience. We try to keep up with them and mirror the best in the business where we can.”

One of the systems they have invested in is EdgePetrol. Lewis says they subscribed as the app is built specifically for independent retailers, but also because they are fond of the team at Edge. “The app itself is designed perfectly for retailers like ourselves. But it is worth mentioning that Gideon and Mark’s passion and conviction made it impossible to turn down! The customer service we have received from our Account Manager Thuvy has also been fantastic.”

When it comes to pricing decisions, Lewis believes that “EdgePetrol has led to better informed, real-time decision making when setting our fuel prices.”

This not only has benefits to Sectorsure, but also to their customers as access to this data has allowed them to pass on significant cost savings to their customers whilst also protecting margin in times of fast cost rises. “It’s helped make our business more resilient and made us better equipped to deal with an ever-changing retail environment characterised with widely fluctuating input prices ,” he explains.

It’s also helped streamline operational efficiency. “EdgePetrol’s app allows us to get straight to the point. No need to disturb our busy colleagues asking for pricing data endlessly. Edge has it already there in an instant and beamed directly to your phone wherever you are in the world.“

More specifically, Lewis is a big user of the blended cost and blended margin on the EdgePetrol app, as by comparing it with the replacement cost they can anticipate upcoming margin movements. The net margin, which shows the impact of fuel cards at a granular level is also vital to the business.

“Could we have delivered the return on investment we have without Edge? Absolutely not. The net impact on profitability across the group since we installed it in early 2023 is well into six figures across the 8 sites now. We feel the payback from having Edge is almost immediate and as a result the probability of achieving your desired outcomes is improved immensely.”

“Edge guarantees that your fingers are always on the pulse when it comes to the fuel trading side of our business. You have almost nothing to lose from trying it and everything to gain.”

Did Lewis have anything else to add?

“Keep up the good work Edge!”

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