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Never miss a VOLUME or MARGIN opportunity again.

Built to the unique needs of independent fuel retailers, EdgePetrol’s real-time pricing software provides the insights you need to price fuel more effectively.

See how we help retailers to optimize their street pricing:

The independent retailer's choice for fuel pricing software.

WHO is EdgePetrol for?

EdgePetrol was built for independent retailers and family businesses who were unable to optimize their sites due to outdated and inaccurate data. Whether you have one station or one hundred, EdgePetrol provides you with the accurate real-time data you need to make better pricing decisions.

Single station owners


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Small independents

Ira Phillips - Tang Mart

11 site


McCullough Oil

62 Sites

Use REAL-TIME DATA to make more profit per gallon

Providing real-time accurate insight on volumes, margins, competition and profits. EdgePetrol offers the market’s only real-time weighted and blended margin.

Using this new data will empower you to test new strategies that drive profit per gallon and give you the confidence to validate them.

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Get COMPLETE VISIBILITY of the real cost of fuel in your tank

By understanding the real cost of fuel in the tanks, you no longer need to rely on incorrect replacement or last delivery costs. By using an accurate weighted and blended margin you can get closer to the competition or hold for margin with confidence in the outcomes of your decisions.

Remove THE DELAYS from your data

The data needed to combat rising costs and market volatility is locked away across multiple sources. Often it is only available after-the-fact when it is too late to make a change. These delays are causing suboptimal decisions on pricing and procurement, costing retailers volume and margin. EdgePetrol brings all this data together and makes it accessible from anywhere with no manual entry.

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Keep your business moving forward by discovering key content built to help you, the independent retailer, drive profitability for your sites.

Discover how Sectorsure No.10 Limited, an eight-site petrol retailer in the South East of England, leveraged EdgePetrol to enhance profitability, streamline operations, …

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In 2021, fuel retailers are broken down into three categories: exiters, existers and excellers. Through conversations with thousands of retailers across the UK, Ireland and the USA, we have learned that every single one is different in some way. But there are two strong areas of consistency for excellers in particular.

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