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We are excited to share our latest product releases, designed specifically to enhance your EdgePetrol experience. Our goal is to ensure that you maximize the potential of your set-up and take advantage of all the features and benefits on offer.

6 Jun 2022
Every station owner wants their pole prices to be changed in a timely fashion. And we all know that just because you have sent a new price through to your Station Managers, it doesn’t mean it has been actioned - or actioned correctly. 😱  In our latest EdgePetrol product releases we have launched new UX…
24 Feb 2022
You felt like throwing your laptop out of the window.  You just needed to copy & paste your data from the EdgePetrol app like you could before 2.0 was released. Alas, it was not possible.‍ Ok, so we’re all about ditching those spreadsheets, but this was important to you. You told us time and time…
7 Jan 2022
Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of. Drumroll please 🥁 …. Navigation and Station Search · The main navigation bar has been revamped and you can now find specific stations by using the search bar or using the letter selection. User Interface improvements and increased performance · We have…

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