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We exist to help fuel retailers succeed.

EdgePetrol was built with independent retailers who were fed up of making decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data. Top independent retailers and jobbers now trust EdgePetrol to help optimize their fuel pricing.

WHY did we build EdgePetrol?

“I could see how important data was to pricing decisions. Retailers were leaving money on the table and I felt compelled to help them change that.”

Gideon Carroll

Founder and CEO

Edge CEO, Gideon Carroll was a rather inquisitive gasoline trader. He wanted to understand how the fuel he was selling was being priced at a station level.

What he found shocked him. Old and inaccurate data was spread out across multiple spreadsheets and back office systems. Surely this wasn’t the norm?

Gideon met up with independent fuel retailers and found the same story over and over again. In a challenging market, their data just wasn’t keeping up and it was costing them volume and margin.

This is why Gideon decided to launch EdgePetrol. By giving these retailers a real-time and accurate view of their data, EdgePetrol ensures that they could optimize their stations and grow their business.

We're just getting STARTED

EdgePetrol launches in the UK and signs first independent Highway Stops
EdgePetrol moves to Ireland, signing its first oil company, Top Oil

Irish flag and top oil logo

Over 300 sites are now using EdgePetrol
EdgePetrol USA launches

Flag of USA

Dover Fueling Solutions invest in EdgePetrol, which now has over 1000 sites subscribed

Dover Fueling Solutions logo

Major oil company partnerships agreed with bp, Greenergy and Phillips 66

Further partnership agreed with Harvest Energy and TotalEnergies

Harvest Energy Total Energies Logo

Sales Team

Edge's DNA

Here’s what our teams are made of


Edge’s sales team is focused on bringing our solution to a customer base that hasn’t have seen anything like it before.


We work persistently and collaboratively in an environment that rewards determination and creativity.


Our product team is open-minded, creative and bold. The Edge platform holds huge value for independent, SME fuel retailers.


We’re a team of creators and doers, working closely with our customers to build exceptional products for the fuel retail industry.

Product team
Marketing team


Edge’s marketing department is an environment where creative minds push boundaries to get the word out there about Edge.

No two days here are the same – we support one another to do our best work and never settle for the given.

Customer Success

The CS team at Edge is focused on ensuring that our customers see value from EdgePetrol.

At the onset of the customer journey we establish client goals and work with them to achieve success through effective use of the EdgePetrol platform, and the sharing of industry knowledge and insight.

Customer Success team
Implementation team


Our implementation team are true problem-solvers, focused on the varied challenges of getting Edge operational for our customers.

We make sure that customers can access Edge wherever they’re based and whatever their hardware.


Edge’s engineering team is agile and highly collaborative, delivering innovative solutions for our groundbreaking web app.

Join us if you want to solve complex challenges, work in a dynamic environment and have a real impact on the product.

Engineering team

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