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Connections that provide KEY INSIGHT

EdgePetrol securely integrates with your systems to provide you with real-time insight across your stations with no manual entry.

WHY integrations matter

In order to make optimal pricing decisions you need the optimal data.

This data can be locked away across multiple sources including point of sales, back offices, wetstock managers, multiple fuel suppliers and card providers. This can create data delays that cost you volume and margin.

EdgePetrol solves this problem by integrating with key industry suppliers to provide the data and insight that is important to your pricing decisions in real-time. This means that you can access EdgePetrol and maintain your preferred suppliers for PoS, fuel supply and tank monitoring!

EdgePetrol is PCI compliant and connects with all major point of sale and back office providers to receive transaction data. This real-time data flows into EdgePetrol to provide real-time volume and card information as well as contributing to the weighted and blended margin.

EdgePetrol integrates with leading PoS providers to account for transaction data

EdgePetrol integrates with fuel suppliers to receive cost prices

EdgePetrol connects to your wetstock manager

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