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LR & JA Allen sees growth within 50 days of using EdgePetrol

Greenergy and EdgePetrol customer LR JA Allen

“50 days on EdgePetrol and I’m already seeing a huge impact on my bottom line!”

Lewis Allen runs a single forecourt (LR & JA Allen) and has always had the same pricing strategy, matching the local competition.

It has worked for him until now and the business is in good shape, but with business costs rising, Lewis needed to find a way to get more from his fuel offering.

As part of his new fuel supply contract with Greenergy, Lewis received EdgePetrol at no cost. After sitting down with his EdgePetrol Customer Success Manager, Joe Coulburn, they agreed to try a new strategy, sitting slightly above the competition to fight back against rising business costs.

Using the EdgePetrol real-time volume feature, Lewis was able to track the impact of the change in real time instead of waiting for end of day, week or even the month’s numbers to come through.

At first it seemed like the change had a negative impact, as volumes were initially dropping on site. Previously in this situation Lewis would have readjusted his price back down with no indication of where the volume drop was coming from.

“I remembered that EdgePetrol can tell me exactly where that volume drop is coming from. It saved me from making the wrong decision.”

Because EdgePetrol identifies fuel card transactions, he was able to see that this drop in volume was actually coming from the fuel card customers, who are not influenced by price.

“If I didn’t have this level of detail, I definitely would have put my price back down. I would have lost margin for no reason.”

By analysing the impact of the pricing strategy across the first fifty days, Lewis identified that his gross profit had grown by 19% and his net profit (profit when taking fuel card fees into account) had grown by 17%.

If the trend continues, this will have a significant impact on the business, which is incredibly important for a single site competing with larger dealer groups and rising costs.

“I’ve always been a follower and my margins have been dictated by the market. EdgePetrol gives me the confidence to move first and take control.” Lewis confirmed.

Learn more about the Greenergy and EdgePetrol offer by getting in touch here or call +44 020 3865 8689.

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