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The Stand Tall Strategy

The Stand Tall Strategy

What is it? The Stand Tall strategy is where clients use the real time capability of the Edge product toINFORM...

The Weekend Pricing Strategy

The Weekend Pricing Strategy

What is it? The Weekend Pricing Strategy is where retailers use special/reduced weekend pricing in order to attract customers to...

The Intra-day Pricing Strategy

The Intra-day Pricing Strategy

What is it? Intra day pricing is when retailers will change their pole sign price to take advantage of a...

Premium Fuel Grade Optimization

Premium Fuel Grade Optimization

What is it? Premium Fuel Grade Optimisation is where clients use the real time capability of the Edge product to...

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Read our FAQs

Please note all passwords should contain at least one uppercase, at least one lowercase and at least one number.

If you have previously been able to log into the EdgePetrol App, but now cannot access the App, try using the reset password functionality. You should then be sent a link to reset your password.

If you do not receive this link or you receive this link but it still isn’t working for you, please contact [email protected] and forward any email / screen shot with the error message included.

After multiple attempts of trying an incorrect password, your account will automatically lock. Please contact support in this instance.

First time trying to login as full user

You should have received an email as per below (please check your SPAM if not).

EdgePetrol login  email confirmation

Please note that if you do not accept this invitation within two weeks of receiving this, then you will need to contact [email protected] to generate a new link.

If you click on ‘Accept Invitation’ and nothing happens, try copying and pasting the web address provided below your invite into your browser. The address on your invite will be unique to your login so please do not try the version displayed above here!

You must complete all the set-up steps once you have clicked on ‘Accept Invitation’ to prevent logging in issues next time you try to log in.

Please contact [email protected] if you are still experiencing issues.

Not currently. However, you can access EdgePetrol on any device wherever and whenever you have access to the internet.

You can use wherever and whenever you have an internet connection including your mobile phone. Access this via the usual URL and input your login details (email and password) as normal.

Wetstock Analysis displays the following data:-

Total gallons of fuel by grade left in your tanks.

The blended cost of fuel in your tanks right now:-

To calculate this, Edge factor in both new and older fuel deliveries – which may have been received at different cost prices. We weigh and blend these costs to give you a more accurate blended cost. Each time a customer fills up, we deduct this from the older fuel first (First In First Out). Edge is constantly re-weighting and blending the cost of fuel in your tanks.

Replacement cost – the cost of fuel if you were to receive a delivery from your fuel supplier today.

Margin – your gross margin per grade calculated using your current blended cost and your current pole price. This is your margin for the next gallon of fuel sold.

Wetstock US

You may see a difference in the gross margin by grade at the top of the page v the gross margin displayed in wetstock analysis. The below margins display your overall gross margins so far today.

If you just changed your pole price at midday for example, there will be a morning’s worth of margins calculated using the previous pole price.

Edge will always try and find the easiest, most secure way to connect to your cost prices. Different customers have different ways of receiving this information so Edge can process it; whether it be via a Supplier Portal, daily email updates, or an API connection. Regardless of which method your sites implement, Edge actively monitors the status of these connections and will alert you if they are unable to connect.

There is also the option to manually edit competitor prices. Some of our customers provide Station Managers with restricted access so that they can login and only view the competitor prices widget. If station managers are collating competitor prices by ‘drive-by’, they can then enter these pole prices in the App.

Edge securely connects to how you receive your cost prices. We update the EdgeApp with your replacement cost each time we receive a new cost price from your fuel supplier. So, if you are on a daily cost price contract for example, the replacement cost will update daily with that day’s cost price.

The replacement cost is visible in the Wetstock Analysis widget.

If you have an OPIS Retail Fuel subscription, Edge can connect to this to deliver competitor prices in App in the ‘Competitor Prices’ widget. OPIS polls competitor prices 4 times per day via fuel card payments.

If you do not have this but are interested in subscribing to OPIS Retail Fuel, please contact your CSM or [email protected] who will be able to put you in touch with our contacts at OPIS.

Edge connects to your POS to obtain transaction data (and also dips depending on your set-up).

Once the transaction data is received it goes through an Edge hygiene process before the data is visible in the EdgePetrol App.

To check when Edge last received a transaction, hover over the transaction indicator in single station view.


Edge receives dips readings from your tanks at least every hour. If we are receiving this data via your POS this could be hourly or daily depending on your POS. Hover over the dip indicator to check when we last received a dip.

If you are a single site customer of EdgePetrol, the connectivity status is shown at the top of your homepage.

The Wetstock Manager is essentially a window into your tanks to inform of both the remaining fuel and ullage in the tanks. This information can be used to identify the opportunity on procurement decisions, as well as providing a handy snapshot of your live tank health.

Edge is a software only product, however we do rely on existing infrastructure on site. Therefore if any hardware component changes on site please inform us as soon as possible so we can facilitate those connections to avoid any downtime. This includes:

  • Changing POS
  • Installing /Replacing ATG’s (Automatic Tank Gauges)
  • Changing Fuel Suppliers

If in doubt, please contact your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

You can filter your portfolio by clicking Add filter on your View all stations page. 

This allows you to remove the ‘noise’ when you want to hone in on particular stations.

You can filter your stations by the following default characteristics:

  • Fuel Brand
  • Fuel Supplier
  • Contract Type
  • Margin Target
  • Site Profile

The Edge team can add in additional filters depending on how you wish to view and segregate your portfolio. Additional groups that retailers have added are:

  • Area Manager
  • Estate
  • Urban v Rural
  • Price sensitive

Talk to your CSM in the first instance to discuss adding in new groups or contact [email protected].


At the implementation stage a member of the support team will ask you for the commission and card fees incurred on your fuel transactions. By providing this information we can implement these fees into our methodology resulting in your true Net Margin i.e your true margin once your commissions and fees have been accounted for. Retailers find that this helps with understanding their profitability at the end of each period.

Net Margin is Gross Margin BUT factoring in the charges / commissions incurred by card payments. You can see your Net Margin per grade on the single site view by selecting Net Margin and also in performance reporting.

Net Profit is Gross Profit minus the impact of cards.

You can set a target margin for each of your stations using the clicking on the Gross Margin tab in each individual station view. This gives you better visibility of your station’s performance against your desired target.

Simply click the edit pencil, type in your station target margin and click the ‘save.’

EdgePetrol Target Margin US

If you have multiple stations – your station target margins are displayed on the View all stations page under each station name allowing you to see how each station in your portfolio is performing against its target margin. If your target margin is in green text then you are over the target, and if the text is red, then you are below target margin.

In addition, you are also able to ‘report by exception’ by selecting ‘Group by’ on your ‘View all stations’ page and selecting ‘Margin target’. This will group your stations according to how they are performing against their respective margin targets

The Performance reporting widget allows customers to understand the trends and patterns of their stores over a select period of time. You can view the data weekly, monthly, or even selected custom time periods. The data includes Volumes, Gross/ Net Margin, and Profit, and can be used to compare time periods e.g. week on week, month on month.  The data is even exportable in CSV format if you wish.

EdgePetrol Performance Reporting US

Sometimes you may send a pole price change, and then decide that it’s not the right pricing decision!

There is no option for Edge customers to cancel this pole price request, but if you contact support through the In-App chat, they will action this for you.

When you send a pole price change request through EdgePetrol, this will send an email and an SMS text message to the Station Manager (or the person that you have nominated to receive price changes at the site).

The new price will display as pending until we recognise three consecutive transactions at the new pole price. For premium grades, you may see that this will take longer to update due to a lower number of those transactions.

If the station hasn’t actioned the price change yet then the price will continue to display as pending.

If the site has confirmed that the price change has been actioned and enough volume has been sold since this change, chat to support in-app or email [email protected].

You can add a pricing strategy for your stations in the Competitor Prices widget.

Saving your pricing strategy against each of your stations means you don’t have to rely on your notes or memory, for your usual pricing position, relative to your competitors! 

Increased efficiency in decision making and strategically aligned pricing!  🤓

EdgePetrol Pricing Strategy US

Our dedicated support staff are on hand to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. You can send a message to our support team by clicking the green support button in the bottom left of your screen. This will send a message to every member of our support team who will respond asap, and escalate if necessary.

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