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How Steele’s increased their target margin by 2ppl without impacting their volume

Steele's of Worthing improve their target margin

The Challenge
Like most retailers, Steele’s of Worthing’s volume was inconsistent and fluctuating in 2020, damaging fuel profitability. To help prevent this from happening in the future, they wanted to maximise margin as much as possible.

The Solution
Steele’s worked with their CSM at EdgePetrol to test the price sensitivity of their site. By using Edge’s Performance Reporting and comparing this with Edge Benchmarks, Steele’s were able to test new price points and find how far they can push their margin without impacting volume.

The Results
After testing various strategies, Steele’s found they could increase their target margin by 2ppl without impacting their volume. This gives them a significant boost to fuel profit, and provides stability to their business in an uncertain market.

“It’s invaluable having real time information on how the site is performing, rather than having to look at day old information and analysing it myself in spreadsheets.”

Paul Harrison
Steele’s of Worthing

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