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Bringing you new ways to validate pricing decisions and spot trends that build profitable strategies. 

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 We’re always hearing from retailers that volatile market conditions are returning and that with escalating operational costs, being on top of their own data is more important than ever. 

But in order to complete the picture, market data is equally as important.

Even with access to live data, fuel retailers are often left wondering whether it is their decisions or the market that is impacting their results. This has created a pressing need for tools that provide a broader context, helping fuel retailers make even more informed, strategic decisions.


Period-on-Period Analysis

Spot trends and changes with Period on Period Analysis. Compare key metrics anytime, anywhere to any period in time. Visualise performance trends across more key metrics than ever before. Validate the impact of your pricing strategies.

Period on Period new feature on EdgePetrol
Edge benchmarking


EdgeBenchmarking provides an instant visual representation of market performance over time versus the performance of your own sites. It provides market data that is unobtainable elsewhere in a consumable format adding a new dynamic to the process of only using your data to make decisions.


Access the Government’s Pumpwatch price comparison data. View the prices of over 4,000 sites signed up to the government voluntary scheme including major supermarkets, oil companies and the largest independents.

EdgePetrol is also now integrated with myAutomate, which uses Allstar card data to provide competitor data and fill the gap left when Experian Catalist left the market.

EdgePetrol Competitor Pricing

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“EdgePetrol is essential for the everyday running of our site”
Goran Ravan. EdgePetrol Customer
RJ Raven
“EdgePetrol allows us to implement new strategies and compare and analyse the results.”
Isla Road Service Station
Isla Road Service station
“Gives me the confidence to move first, no longer have to follow”
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LR & JA Allen

EdgePetrol is bringing you new ways to validate pricing decisions and spot trends that build profitable strategies. Book a call with our team, to see how you can:

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