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SMS Notification Policy

Edge Petrol Limited

SMS Notification Policy

Edge Petrol operates an SMS messaging system so that it can notify managers of Clients about certain matters which are relevant to the smooth running of each Client Site.

In order to facilitate this, each Client who would like its Sites to receive SMS messages arising from the operation of the Edge Petrol Platform will need to opt in.  The first opt in will be at the client level.

The Client will supply a list of names and phone numbers (linked to Site Location) of persons who should receive SMS push notifications from Edge Petrol to secure the efficient operation of the Sites.  Where the phone numbers are personal and are not general corporate numbers, the phone numbers and the details of the person linked to that phone number shall be treated as personal data.

The Client will need to inform Edge Petrol whenever the name and/or phone number changes.

Each recipient of an Edge Petrol SMS pursuant to such a list will receive a form asking that person to consent to opt-in to receiving SMS messages from Edge Petrol for the purpose of the running of the Site over which the recipient exercises a measure of control in the day to day running of that site.  The right to receive SMS messages from Edge Petrol will involve appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access both the Edge Petrol and to the recipient.

The Edge Petrol SMS messaging service will not be used for external advertising or publicity purposes.

Having opted in, if you later wish to opt out, please email [email protected]

September 2022


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