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How Harog LTD drove sales of super grades by more than 35%

Roger Perry and Gideon Carroll CEO EdgePetrol


Harog Ltd first became an EdgePetrol customer in 2021 when it was looking to optimise operations at its Leven site. As Harog entered a new fuel supply agreement for a second site in Wakefield with Greenergy, the inclusion of EdgePetrol in Greenergy’s fuel supply offer was a bonus as the owners had seen firsthand the benefit of EdgePetrol.  

Benefitting from Greenergy’s competitive pricing and the capabilities of EdgePetrol, Harog has seen its volumes rise. Read on below to see how EdgePetrol worked for Roger Perry, owner of Harog Ltd, and helped him find the right price point for his super grades.

The challenge

With both sites recently refurbished, Roger wanted to increase his volume across all grades.

The challenge was to stimulate sales of super-grade volumes, focusing on the lowest selling grade, super diesel. Roger wanted to see whether he could drive an increase in volume by dropping the price per litre differential between super and regular grade diesel. 

Station Overview (Gross Margin) (ESSO)

The solution

By analysing the real-time weighted and blended margin data in EdgePetrol alongside volume and profit performance data, Roger and the team at EdgePetrol formulated a super grade pricing strategy for Harog Ltd. 

Using their newly formulated pricing strategy, Harog Ltd set a target for a 66% decrease in the differential between super and regular diesel, with the aim of increasing super’s volume by 25% over the course of two months. 

The next step was to monitor super diesel volume sales in EdgePetrol’s Performance Reporting to ensure the pricing strategy was having the desired effect. 

The Result

After two months, the average weekly super diesel sales had increased by 36%, which was 11% more than what was initially expected! Daily fill-ups of super diesel also increased by an average of 26% during that period. 

By utilising real-time data, Harog Ltd had better visibility into the price sensitivity of their super diesel and were able to execute a successful pricing strategy, increasing the volume of their lowest selling grade. 

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