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Maplemarsh Increased Premium Grade Profit by 20% | Maplemarsh, 1 Station

The Challenge

With volumes reducing due to COVID-19, this was having a an impact on profitability.

With a great Shell brand, Kit was looking for a way to increase profits from fuel  to get through this difficult period.

The Solution

Using EdgePetrol to analyse the past performance of the station and using comparisons with market benchmarks, Kit spotted an opportunity to test out the power of the V-Power brand and increase regular to premium grade unleaded differentials incrementally by a total of 50%.

The Results

Maplemarsh increased their profit on V-Power by 20% compared to the year before.

Whilst volume decreased by 13% volumes standard grades fell by 19% in the same period, indicating that the fall in volume on his V-Power was due to the same market conditions that led to the fall in regular grade volumes.

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