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How Nicholl Oils Increased 110% in volume in 7 Days | Nicholl Oils, 15 Stations

The Challenge

Nicholl Oils had recently rebranded. Despite having a stylish new flag and some great site redevelopments, they were concerned about low awareness amongst consumers.

They wanted to drive volume with price offers, but were unsure about how impactful they would be due to low knowledge of the sensitivity of the sites.

The Solution

Using social media to promote and EdgePetrol to track, Nicholl slashed prices by 10ppl across their estate.

EdgePetrol helped Nicholl to analyse trends and ensure they remained profitable during their flash sale, which they wouldn’t have known until after-the-fact otherwise.

They were also able to recognise which sites saw the largest increases in footfall, average fill and overall volume.

The Results

Nicholl Oils gained a 110% increase in week-on-week volumes.

They now better understand price sensitivity across their estate and which sites are most responsive to price movements.

This new insight will be used to build brand new pricing strategies that offer even more profitability

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