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How Brennans Increased Their Margins by 1 ppl and Became a Price Leader | Brennans, 2 Stations

The Challenge

As the main driver of profit for his site, non-fuel was taking up Conor’s time. Rather than tracking margin and profit on fuel, Conor evaluated his site’s performance by looking at overall site profit. He wanted to change this to become more forward thinking and re-evaluate his fuel pricing strategy, recognising he could maximise his overall site’s performance through enhancing his fuel strategies.

The Solution

By being able to instantly see the impact of his pole prices on volume in real time, Conor was able to test out different price strategies and monitor the results. In addition, by having better visibility of the cost of fuel in his tanks, using Edge’s blended cost methodology, he was able to not only see his current margin, but also whether it would increase or decrease in the next few days. Through monitoring volumes, prices and margins, Conor could easily find the sweet spot for pricing without taking too much time from his busy schedule.

The Results

By re-focusing on fuel and adapting his strategy, Conor was able to increase his margin between 0.7 – 1 ppl and became a price leader at one of his two sites rather than a price follower.

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