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Dover Fueling Solutions Partners with EdgePetrol

You may have heard that EdgePetrol and Dover Fueling Solutions have agreed a commercial partnership including a minority investment to close our Series A funding round.

As an EdgePetrol user, future user or partner, you may want to know “what does that mean for me?”. So that’s what I’ll cover here today!

EdgePetrol Product

When it came to the current product offering, two things were on our minds when agreeing to this deal:

  1. Our growth (you and us)
  2. Future product development

We know that our users want the smoothest product experience possible. Data insight loading speeds are key.

We are growing at an even faster rate than some of our users, who continue to add new sites to their portfolios. I remember when Ascona Group had three stations. They now have fifty-five and are not planning on stopping anytime soon.

So we are investing in our product and engineering team to make sure we can not only match- but exceed- the growth of our new and existing users.

You also continue to give us amazing ideas for product development. We want to act on some of these suggestions and with this additional resource at our disposal, we can do that!

New Products

Shhh! This is top secret (it’s not). We have a new product specifically for fuel retailers launching in the UK later this year, that at the moment is being used by a select few pilot users. More details to come as we continue to develop this without impacting our growth plans for the EdgePetrol app.

Making our users successful

We know how much our users value our Customer Success team (just an example from one of our users: “it’s not just an app you sign on and that’s it, it’s the line of communication with you guys that’s fantastic… it feels like you’re growing with us.”) and the great work they do to share best practice with our users.

Whilst the friendly faces you currently know are unlikely to change, we offer the same great value to new users too and partnering with DFS ensures everyone gets this value-add USP from our industry-leading team.

More knowledge

We are crossing oceans to increase knowledge in the US, the UK and Ireland. Now with a global reach, we will learn even more from other markets and be able to further guide you on best practices, helping you to combat the challenges you face in today’s market.

More integrations

Connections to DFS suite of products (including but not limited to PoS and Wetstock) make integrations smoother and quicker. Not only does this mean we can get more users live faster, but it also means we are able to dedicate more time to the product than integrations, especially as we expand internationally.

If you have any further questions please reach out to your customer success team, or drop an email to [email protected].

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