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Join EdgePetrol’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Truman,
as he shares his quirky view on how fuel retail can be
related to the world around us.

A note from our CRO Mark Truman


Mark Truman

Chief Revenue Officer

The Weekly Wrap started as what can only be described as ‘my personal ramblings to our users’. It grew organically as I was being regularly asked by retailers to add colleagues, contacts, and friends to the recipient list.

Every week I’ll share something unique, digestible, and to make you think! 

Then i’ll turn that ‘something’ into actionable insights that are easy to adopt and use in your fuel retail business.

We’ve covered everything from psychological, mental resilience to even killer cows and Disneyworld. If you like ‘stuff’ and you work in (or have an interest in) the retail fuel industry, I am writing this for you.

" Love the column! Mark Truman's insights on fuel are ORIGINAL & FUN to read"



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