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JET Mill Hill Garage

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JET champions the interest of their dealers. Everything they do is designed to help you stay ahead, so that drivers can keep on moving.

That’s why they are working with us (EdgePetrol) the number one pricing app for independent retailers in the UK and Ireland.

If you are a JET dealer and would like to start using EdgePetrol,  you can get started with the implementation process by contacting us today. 

Start using EdgePetrol now to:

See the accurate cost of fuel and margin so you know when to move your price (and when not to)!


Track performance in real-time to make sure sites are performing as expected or better.



   Use new data to set and deliver strategies for your sites that drive profitability.

Chris Lord Mill Hill Garage JET

P66’s support and supply of Edge is something I hope will continue in the future as it has been invaluable in helping us stay profitable in these times of great price volatility. Edge has been an active partner in helping us grow our margins and optimise our sales data to make intuitive decisions ” 

Chris Lord, Owner Mill Hill Garages

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